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      Fobsun led lights

      about us
      Established in 2003, Shine Technology Limited is a professional manufacturer for waterproof led power supplies, led panel lights and led bulbs. Based on long-term experience in LED field, we have become one of most famous and leading exporter of LED products in China. Further more, due to our committed workforce and strict quality control processes, our products boast both high quality and superior design technology.
      Our company’s growing very fast year by year, we now have 6 production lines, with more than 150 workers.
      All our products comply with CE and RoHS, selling very well in Europe, North America, AustriaJapan and other Asia countries. Adhering to the ideals of "Sincerity, Mutual Benefit, Constant Innovation and Top Quality", we proudly invite all interested companies to contact us for further information about our company or products. We look forward to forming a strategic partnership with your company in the near future.
      special offer

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